The Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral tracing its existence from the second half of the 19th century, is also the oldest Serbian Orthodox Church in Chicago. Remaining faithful to the Mother Church in Serbia, our Cathedral is an example of dedication, loyalty, and responsibility to the age-long sacred Orthodox ecclesial order. From the inception of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Midwestern America, our Cathedral has been honored to be the Cathedral church for Chicagoland area. Since, the healing of the Church Schism in 1992, our Cathedral became the center of the Serbian Metropolitanate on this continent, which it remains to this day.


The Holy Resurrection Community, in its rich history, has been blessed with a number of extraordinary clergymen and able lay leaders. It has also set a number of precedents in the Serbian community in this country: one of its members became the first Serb to be decorated with a Congressional medal of honor, one of its members became the first Serbian woman elected to the American Bar Association, one of its priests became the first Serbian bishop on this continent, another of its priests is awaiting canonization as a saint, in all four of its clergymen went on to become bishops. This trend of setting precedents has been continued in its recent history, namely it has been blessed with a team of young and highly educated clergymen, who strive to transform and rekindle the momentum of the genuine Orthodox church life.

Currently, the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral is a vibrant church community whose ministry goals cover all aspects of Orthodox ecclesial life. In our ministry we strive to provide:

  • rich Orthodox Liturgical life
  • dedicated Ministry to the People of God, all parishioners of our Cathedral
  • superior Educational efforts based on Orthodox Christian values and traditions

In the process of meeting these goals, we strive to create an energetic intellectual community whose constituents will eventually be the driving force behind the Christian Orthodox presence on this continent.


The Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral follows the ordinary schedule of services dictated by the Julian calendar and the rubrics of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Church. Being a bilingual community, our Cathedral has two Divine Liturgies (Eucharistic services) on Sundays – in English at 8:30 AM and in Serbian at 10:30 AM. On high Feast days only one Divine Liturgy is celebrated (both languages are used). Matins (morning) service is celebrated every morning at 7:00 AM. Vespers (evening) service is celebrated on Saturdays and on the eve of major Church feasts at 5:00 PM. For all additional information on Church services, please contact our Church office or a priest using the contact details published here.



Our clergy team numbers three parish priests who cover the Chicago Metro area. The parish priest of the Western parish (West of I-294) and the Dean of the Cathedral is Rev. Darko Spasojevic. The parish priest of the Southern parish (South of Foster Ave and East of I-294) is Rev. Radovan Jakovljevic. The parish priest of the Northern parish (North of Foster Ave and East of I-294) is Rev. Vasilije Vranic. For any pastoral questions or needs, please contact your parish priest.

Our Cathedral is pleased to have “Circle of Serbian Sisters”, a charitable women’s organization. It was through generous work and selfless love of the members of this organization that many of the church facilities have been built and maintained. We wholeheartedly encourage women of all ages to consider joining these organizations.


4.a. St. Sava Academy – the Parochial School of our Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Chicago. It is a registered State of Illinois parochial school. It provides a nurturing learning environment and experience, coupled with religious instruction, for children of preschool age through eighth grade. The Academy offers a comprehensive, daily, dual language program. Students achieve language fluency and proficiency while consistently exceeding academically on local, state and national level testings. For more information please visit

4.b. Sunday Church School – nurtures our most precious resource, our youth. Children raised in this program are taught the spiritual values of Orthodoxy and the rich customs and traditions of the Serbian culture. Today, our Sunday School has an enrollment of over 200 students and 15 classes. Meets on Sunday mornings.

4.c. Religion Classes – a comprehensive program designed to meet the educational needs of parishioners of all ages. Meetings on Fridays: Adults in English and in Serbian at 7:00 PM, Teenagers at 8:00 PM, and Children’s groups at 6:30 PM and 7:15 PM.

4.d.Young Adult Fellowship – a lively group of young intellectuals with vibrant enthusiasm for knowledge of the Orthodox faith. Meets monthly.


4.e. SSS “Branko Radichevich” – Cathedral Choir – one of the oldest organizations of our Cathedral. It is a true treasure of our community, with its original and competent interpretation of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Folk music. The choir sings regularly on Sundays at the Divine Liturgy in Serbian language. Rehearsals on Thursday evenings.


4.f. Junior “Branko Radichevich” Choir – junior section of the Cathedral choir, for children interested in acquiring new skills and for further cultivating their music talents. The choir practices on Friday evenings.


4.g. SOKO Folklore Group – provides training in Serbian Folk dancing to children age 4 to 16. It has toured throughout North America and is widely acclaimed as one of the best Serbian folklore groups on the continent! Rehearsals are held every Friday evening.


4.h. Serbian Language Classes – open to children who want to learn how to read, write and converse in Serbian. Classes are held on Sunday from 12:15 to 1:15 pm. Click here for more details.

Holy Resurrection Cathedral welcomes all new members, visitors and guests! We look forward to seeing you in our Cathedral.