Rev. Vasilije Vranic, PhD, Parish Priest

VasilijeVranicRev. Vasilije Vranic, MA, MPhil (Cantab), PhD

Rev. Dr. Vasilije Vranić was born in 1976 in Sarajevo, of the late V. Rev. Periša Vranić, Serbian Orthodox priest and Jelena Vranić, professor of Music. Upon completion of the elementary school he enrolled into the St. Sava Seminary in Belgrade.

At the invitation of Hilandar monastery (Serbian Monastery on Mount Athos, Greece), after finishing three years at the St Sava Seminary in Belgrade, he continued education at the Athonias Ecclesiastical Academy on the Holy Mountain, from which he graduated in 1996 with honors.

The following academic year he spent at the Goethe Institute in Sibiu (Romania) studying German. Upon successful completion of the language course he spent a year in Belgrade teaching Modern Greek at the Public University “Bozidar Adzija.” In September 1998 he enrolled into the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox School of Theology in Libertyville (USA) from where he graduated in June 2002. In October of the same year, upon receiving a full academic scholarship, he moved to Cambridge (England) to pursue MA in Theology at the Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies (Cambridge Theological Federation-APU), which he obtained in September 2003. He also holds an MPhil in Church History from the Faculty of Divinity of the University of Cambridge, from which he graduated in July 2005. In 2012, he has defended his PhD dissertation in Church History (Patristics) under the supervision of Rt. Rev. Professor Alexander Golitzin at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

Fr. Vasilije has taught at Marquette University as a lecturer from 2011-2013. In January 2013, he has been appointed as professor of Canon Law at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox School of Theology in Libertyville, which position he still holds to this day. Currently, he is the Lecturer in Patristics at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, IL.

In September 2004 Fr. Vasilije married his wife Jelena Vranić, nee Petrović, professor of music. Their son Petar was born in February 2008. They daughter Mila was born in February 2012.

In October 2005, Fr. Vasilije was ordained deacon in the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Milwaukee by His Eminence Metropolitan of Midwestern America Christopher (Kovacevich). While in Milwaukee, Fr. Vasilije was the Director of Religious Education of the parish and President of the Board of Directors of St. Sava Orthodox School (Parochial School). There he organized a number of educational programs: Bible Study group, Fellowship of St. Simeon the Myrrhgusher (a study group), Christian Cinema, Senior study club, initiated the opening of St. Sava Bookstore, etc.

In October 2008, His Eminence +Metropolitan Christopher ordained him into presbyterate and appointed him as the Director of Religious Education of the Metropolitanate of Midwestern America. His Eminence appointed Fr. Vasilije to the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago as the pastor of the Northern parish beginning with August 1st, 2009. At the Cathedral, Fr. Vasilije has led the Board of Education. Currently he also serves as the Prosecutor of the Ecclesiastical Court of the Diocese of New Gracanica – Midwestern America.

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