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Night In Belgrade's Skadarlija

2014 Stewarship - Caring for Our Church

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We are called to live life in continuous thanksgiving for Christ. Thus, our entire perspective on the world is transformed. No longer can we look at the things in our life as anything but a Gift from God. We are being prepared by God to enter into…

Старатељска порука

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Из угла једног од парохијана... Када размишљамо о Старатељству , Старање ( бирга) иде даље него финансије. Недавно сам био на једном семинару који је одржао отац Максим из манастира Симонопетра са Свете Горе. Тема је била Реч Божија. Шта је на мене …

Stewardship Message

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Reflection from a parishioner... When we think about Stewardship, Care extends beyond the financials. Our faith must be a priority. I recently attended a seminar where Father Maximos from Simonopetra Monastery discussed the Word of God. What left an…

Parish Financial Overview with Basic Questions and Answers Regarding Stewardship

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1. What is Stewardship? Stewardship is, first of all, a Christian life-style in the Church. Additionally, it is a practical approach of a total and proportional commitment of time, talents and treasures, through which an individual (parishioner) or …

Become a Steward of our Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

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Stewardship is giving your Time, Talents and Treasures to support our Cathedral