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2014 Stewarship - Caring for Our Church

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We are called to live life in continuous thanksgiving for Christ. Thus, our entire perspective on the world is transformed. No longer can we look at the things in our life as anything but a Gift from God.

We are being prepared by God to enter into Eternal Communion with Him. The joys we experience are recognized as the fruit of this Communion. Even the very suffering we endure becomes a Gift which prepares us for the “weight of Glory” which is to come!

Our very thanksgiving for this Gift of Christ becomes a life of Stewardship—of caring for this Gift that is not our own. We care for this Gift of Communion with Him by living a life in which we dedicate all that we are—our Time, our Talents, and our Treasures—to God in thanksgiving for all that He has done for us. Thus, when we offer ourselves to the Church, our offering is no longer considered to be “in support” of our local parish, but as an offering of Thanksgiving to God. Our offering is then utilized by God in whatever manner He sees fit, unto His Glory.

Please complete your Commitment Card for 2014, either on-line, or while at Church. Our ministries depend on your support!