The Youth Group department is a section of the parish, which is mainly entitled for teens ages 14- 18 to engage in activities, helping the community, making new friends, and more. The Youth Group is sparked with a new ideology, in which a group of young individuals fulfill their own role in the group; however, they are all interconnected as ONE. There are currently about five active members but, God willing, those five will link to five more, and another five, etc., as our goal is to grow as a group slowly but surely. Nonetheless, it will definitely take time, however, it can be accomplished if persistent.

Our objective is to accomplish at least one activity or program per month.  The past months we were able to achieve 3 different tasks planned by the group and myself. We succeeded in packing lunches for the less fortunate and volunteering at Friendship Village Nursery Home in Schaumburg, as well as an evening retreat / discussion amongst the active teens in our parish, in which we had about 30 present.

The youth group is a fundamental key in a local parish and community. It is a way to tie in and connect our youth in the church life, spiritual life, and social life. In essence, it is a building block; it is a path towards the future, where we lay down brick by brick to build a foundation for both our children and our church. In the midst of all this, we must put Christ first in everything we do and surely everything else will slowly follow.

Jovan Sinik
Youth Group Coordinator

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