Founded in 1915.

The Circle of the Serbian Sisters was organized to encourage Orthodox Faith, to help the church congregation in its work and to maintain the American and Serbian national customs and traditions, support the work of the Serbian and Sunday school and cooperate with all others Serbian American Patriotic organizations whose goals coincide with theirs. KOLO was instrumental in all the Congregation’s building projects, helping build our two churches, halls and kitchens through its hard work and fundraising.

Current KOLO Board

Mira Djordjevic, President 
Zora Voynovich, First Vice President
Dr. Vera Dragisich, Second Vice President 
Lily Kunz, English Secretary 
Jovanka Todorovic, Serbian Secretary 
Joanne Voynovich, Financial Secretary  
Laura Luburich, Treasurer 

Monthly meetings are usually held on the third sunday of each month, following the Divine Liturgy. 

Auditing Board:
Sandra Luburich, President
Millie Wilson, Milka Brashear, Andja Cekic (members)

Sunshine Girl: Laura Luburich
Historian: Sandra Luburich

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