HRSOC Teens Youth Group: Calendar of Events

It was great to see some of our Teens Youth Group members in church last Sunday for our St. Sava Celebration. St. Sava is the most beloved of all Serbian Orthodox saints. He was the sole person who was responsible for the transformation of the Serbian people into a people of God.

Our youth group created a video about St. Sava that was shown at last year’s celebration. The story of St. Sava is narrated by members of our youth group. Well done! Here is the link for you to view again:

Here is a link if you would like to view highlights from last Sunday’s St. Sava Program:

Please notice a quickly upcoming event this Thursday. The March for Life  event is virtual this year and I hope you can participate. The flyer provides the time (6:30 CST) and link. Please write down any questions. Our clergy will be answering your questions and addressing the topic at our next ZOOM INTO OUR FAITH on Sunday, February 7 at 8:00 PM.  As baptized Christians, Jesus Christ’s life, teachings, and Church are the foundation of our lives and should be the foundation of our decisions. It is not easy to live as a Christian today. Many people have a misunderstanding of freedom and see it as their right to do whatever they want. Doing God’s will is our goal. As Orthodox Christians, we know that human persons are made in God’s image. In each of us is the potential to become god-like through living in union with God. Each person has been given life for that reason and EACH LIFE IS SACRED and begins at conception!

HRSOC Teens Calendar 2021 February – March

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