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On this glorious Feast of the Nativity of Christ we celebrate a truly wondrous event in which God became man bringing us salvation.  The magnitude and the depth of the event of the Nativity of Christ are impossible to grasp, but yet its message is clear and true.  It is a message of hope and salvation to all humanity and creation.  It is a message which we celebrate and share on this sacred day, invited to “come and see” what God does for us. We come to Christ, and see grace, holiness, and love, and realize the necessity of these for true and abundant life, and we are called to share these gifts and to offer this invitation to everyone.  We are the messengers shouting to the world, as do the angels, “Glory to God in the highest!”

Celebrating the Birth of Christ, let us remember the purpose and meaning of our own birth. Our life here on earth is not just a coincidence but a gift from God. So, in the spirit of God’s giving, we also need to give ourselves to each other through peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation. Living and acting in this manner, we are even here on earth tasting the sweetness of Eternal Life.

May this approaching Advent Season bring to you and your loved ones much joy, good spiritual and physical health, and success in every good work.

With love in Christ,

Protopresbyter Darko Spasojevic, PhD, Cathedral Dean
Protopresbyter Dobrivoje Milunovic
Presbyter Nikolaj Kostur
Deacon Theodore Sokolovich


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